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2019 End of the Year Wrap - Up!

Well, hello everyone! It is currently the day before Christmas eve! I am sitting at the kitchen table here at my dad and stepmoms house writing this as I am thinking of what I want to say. So much has happened this year, and I am thankful for all of it in different ways. It's truly been a year filled with highs and lows. I cannot express how much I have actually enjoyed this year. I have so many different things I want to talk about it feels like, so let's jump straight in to this years wrap up!

For me, 2019 started out with me taking a big leap and stepping ever so slightly outside of my comfort zone. I decided to move away from home to go live somewhere else for school and to be in an environment that felt better for me. My oh my how that jump has felt so magical. I have really enjoyed living with my mom and stepdad in Utah this year, and it is hard to complain about anything in Utah at the moment really. I have gotten to know our neighbors who we love having next door. School has had its challenges, but overall really has been great! I finished both of my semesters this year with 4.0 GPA’s. Which is mind blowing to me. I have been able to become closer with some of our friends that my mom works with, and not to mention I have been able to get work experience in so many different ways this year! I did dog sitting in the spring a few times. I helped my mom and some of the guys she works with on some work projects. I got a part time job at a school doing what I would with my certificate. Opportunities have been blossoming for me this year, and I cannot wait to see what other ones will come for me in 2020. With all of these and other amazing things this year, there were challenges and sadder times too.

On a lower note, this year I did have a lot of losses in my life. Three of my family and I’s dogs passed away this year. A family member of ours who I did not know well passed away, as well as, one of our really good family friends passed away too. It was a very difficult thing to have to hear and deal with, but that is a part of life unfortunately. I also had to deal with hearing things about my foot condition again that we already knew, but also hunches I had on my own I got told were possible and for me that was something really difficult to hear. However, right now we are, and will continue to face everything one thing at a time and do what we think is best as things progress in whatever way they do. It has been a challenge of course dealing with my feet, but it isn’t going to stop me anytime soon! Other than these, I had a few other low points this year, but I cannot remember all of them. That’s probably a good thing! The blog and videos have been really fun and cool to do too!

This year also started with me releasing this blog to all of you. The site in which I had been putting together since the summer of 2018 when I decided a blog was something I did want to pursue. I am so grateful I did decide to go through with this idea. I have truly enjoyed putting out these posts and having all of your feedback and love shower in from those of you who read these. I also have really enjoyed doing the videos from the summer throughout the rest of this year. They have put me outside of my comfort zone for sure, but doing the videos also helped me with some of my class assignments, because I was required to do video responses a few times for one class. I have planned out blog posts for 2020 already. I may give it another look over here over the next few days leading up to the new year. I will keep you posted of course on what that will look like. I am undecided on if there will be videos in 2020 or not. There probably will be, but I am not sure yet. I cannot wait for this next year! I have a list already for myself for what I want to see in the 2020 new year, and I am so excited to see what happens and to take all of you with me! It’s going to be a good year, I can feel it! So, here is a goodbye to 2019, and a warm and open hello and welcome to 2020! I will see you guys in 2020! I give my love to all of you!

Best regards,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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