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End of Fall Semester Life Update

Oh my! Everything has gone by fast this semester. In a sense, it's probably a good thing. I have not seen all of my final grades yet, so I will be interested to see how they come out. Other than that regarding school, I am just going to try to enjoy my break and then try to be as ready as I can be for my class I intend to take this spring semester. Then ill be dealing with work as well.

So far, work has been a really good experience for me at the part-time job I am in. I have learned a lot in my two or so weeks I have already worked there. Their classes do not end until Friday the 20th of December. Then they start classes again on January 2 and end May 28th I believe. It is still crazy to me how the school start and end dates work there in Utah compared to Texas. Hopefully, this job can work out. I get my first paycheck on the 20th too! They only get paid once a month on the very last working day of every month. I thought that was interesting too.

It feels weird and nice to not have school work to focus on right now and to not be working at my part-time job at the moment. I am happy that my break has started early. I want to do my best to kind of soak it in before I go back. I won't be able to see all of my siblings this Christmas, but I saw most of them on Thanksgiving except for one of my older half brothers and his wife with my nephews. I have done all of my Christmas shopping pretty much. There are a few people I will be making things for instead of buying for. So I will probably work on that throughout the week this week. But, none the less, Christmas will be good this year. In other news too, I have been doing a little experiment this week.

I decided to turn off all of the notifications I had on in/for social media apps I use. I wanted to do this to see what it would feel like. I have done it for a week, and to be honest, I am contemplating keeping it that way. It is so nice! I don't feel worried about if the app will accurately or not accurately send me notifications on post likes and such. I can have my phone simply act like a peaceful phone where the only notifications I get are from texts, calls, weather and health apps, and from Snapchat which I made an exception for.

I think it is easy to forget how nice it is to not have those notifications on. In a world that is growing more and more into online-based things, sometimes it is nice to just be. To not be so focused on if you have notifications on social media or not. I may do a society post on something like that. At least one that is more geared towards social media and things of that nature. Anyways, I feel that my little experiment has gone well!

I am off now. I am finishing writing this at 11:42 am Texas time. I took a break from writing this earlier and came back to finish it off. At 4, my dad, stepmom, and I are going to go to my aunts' house to celebrate my cousin graduating from college! So, I am excited about that and to see everyone! I will talk to you guys again really soon! Love you all!

Best regards,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!


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