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Feeling Creative, Grateful, and Hopeful!

Decided to start writing this while it is going through my mind.

Today is Sunday, November 10th. I intend to release this next Sunday. I have really been brainstorming as much as my brain will allow for things to do with my blog and with videos. I am so excited about the video ideas I have. I am also going to start eventually sharing work I have done for a class of mine that shows what goes into some documents that are required for teachers to make, and other projects that are informative on various subjects we've covered in this fall semester. I got the clear from my professor that my papers are good enough for me to share on my blog, so I cannot wait to show you the work I have done! A big part of why I wanted to make my blog was to be able to post educational and informative stuff on here as well, that is different, and that I enjoy, so that makes me even more excited.

I have been slowly, and I mean slowly, collecting things for my November video. Haha! There will be a bunch of content added to my November video closer to the end of the month, and I will probably shoot to have it posted on December 1st, that way I don't have to worry about it while I am traveling that day. I will already have school work to worry about turning in on time that day. I won't be able to truly have a "break" for my thanksgiving this year, so I will be doing my best to make the most of it, while still working my butt off doing school work. That's the price you pay for being hungry and dedicated to being successful and educated. But, also, the price you pay for online classes. Haha! Pros and cons!

I am excited about the holidays though. I truly am. I can't wait to get all three of my finals knocked out on December 9th. I am excited to finish the semester with good grades, and I am excited for the holiday cheer! I have ideas already of things I want to try and do for myself this next year, and I am hopeful I will get this part-time job. I interviewed finally this past Tuesday on November 5th, and I am hoping I will hear back soon. (I got the job! Found out on November 11th. Did my background check on the 13th, and start work this coming Tuesday on November 19th!) I also registered for my Spring 2020 semester as well. As of right now, I am still on track to graduate at the end of the Fall 2020 semester with my certificate which will be super exciting, and probably emotional too.

I am planning on doing an end of the year wrap up, to talk about my year overall. But, I truly am grateful for so much right now. I have so much that I want to cover and talk about from this year alone and I am so excited to talk about it very soon! My heart has truly felt so full recently and several times this year. I can't begin to count the number of times my eyes have watered and my heart has felt some type of way this year because of everything that I have been grateful for. Life is crazy guys! It really, and truly is! Well, before this gets too long, i'll stop here. I love you very much! Thank you for giving this a read! See you again real soon in my next post!

Best regards,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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