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First Week of Work in the Books!

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Well, I am writing this on Friday at a very early time in the morning. So early in fact, it would probably be better if I were asleep right now. This is the first night I have had sleep issues this bad this week. I have work in a few hours. So, i should be I resting and getting ready for that. Although, this week so far I’ve done well with getting myself up. It’s been going by slowly and quickly all at the same time. The time change has been killer. Haha! Have not adjusted to it yet. Still in the “I wish we were on summer hours still” mode. Day one of work was okay. It was overwhelming and they pretty much just threw me right in. Which is fine. You don’t learn unless you get thrown straight in sometimes. On my first day, I helped teach about the letter E. Haha!

On day two, I taught about the number 3, and worked the 3rd and 5th grade recess period. After work on day two I had to go to my evening class down at uvu so day two was a pretty long day for me. I was pretty worn out by the time I was fully done. Yesterday, day 3, went well. We had a meeting and I also got to teach about the letter L. I have been talking more than i am used to so by the end of my day my throat is hurting. Haha! Today I believe I have to teach the number 4, and then also do third and fifth grade recess duty again. Thankfully, I only have to be out there for 20 minutes, and you just have to stand and keep an eye out. Much easier than doing the pre-school recess. Lol! I ended up not teaching today and instead helped out in the play room area. Which I enjoyed that room. Today, we had less kids than usual. But there is an illness going around so that is probably why. Also, because of this illness that’s getting caught by the kids we did a “deep cleaning” if you will of toys and stuff in the play room classroom and we used bleach. Well, even after having showered earlier this evening, there is still a faint smell of bleach on my hands. Ugh! But, that’s just one of those less exciting parts of the job i guess you could say. Haha! In all seriousness, so far I think I’m enjoying the experience. Sure, I’m outside of my comfort zone, but I’m learning as I go. Plus, everyone’s been really good about helping explain things to me that I don’t understand, or that I may need to know. I am definitely in a good place right now. I am hopeful it will continue to go well. I only work a week and a day after thanksgiving break because I leave early to go to Texas for my holiday break. But, I come back to Utah the 28th and then the school I’m working at starts their spring semester on January 2nd. Which is crazy to me, but they do. So it is a good thing I’m coming back on the 28th of December. Haha! I’m off to try and get some sleep. I’ll see you guys soon! I hope you enjoyed my first week of work update. Today, felt like a long day. As much as I enjoy it, I am definitely glad today is Friday. My feet were killing me at the end of today especially, and I was super tired. Looking forward to taking it easy somewhat tomorrow on Saturday and then Sunday I leave town. So, the week isn’t totally done yet, but it has been good so far!

I hope all of you are doing well! I will see you again real soon! Hugs to all of you!

Best regards,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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