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How Can Working with A Health Coach Benefit You?

Updated: May 4, 2021

Hello Lovely Person!

How are you doing? As some of you may or may not know, I recently opened my Health Coaching business on April 18! Now, having done that, I wanted to take a moment of your time and tell you a bit about how working with a Health Coach, or HC for short can be beneficial. In addition to that, I also wanted to talk a bit more about what a Health Coach is overall. Especially since, Health Coaches aren't talked about as much as your average white coat doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers, etc.

One thing you may not know about Health Coaches is that a Health Coach is sort of like a combination of the things listed above. Or at least a few of them. A Health Coach is unique in that though not all of us specialize in one or all areas. We are capable of providing support and guidance in several of those areas. A Health Coach is there as a full support and guidance partner. Working with a Health Coach, however, is a little different than working with your average doctor. Since it is different from seeing a doctor, for example. What does it look like?

Working with a health coach is a partnership. When you are working with a Health Coach, you are both working towards an end goal you have set for yourself. It, however, is not as simple as your health coach gives you a supplement for example and you take it and get better. Your HC will provide you with guidance, support, knowledge, and tools to use, but ultimately the choice to use or do anything they suggest is in YOUR hands. Due to this, the extent of any healing that comes from working with a HC is coming from you! Though, some people may not even realize this. Some things that can come from working with a HC for example are, self-empowerment, growth in all areas of life, personal development, a deeper understanding of yourself, a deeper look into various aspects of your life and how they're affecting you, and so much more!

Health coaching is on a quick rise in the world. It is a resource I think many could truly benefit from. If you're interested, feel free to go to to schedule yourself a free Health History to see if working with a Health Coach would be right for you! In a separate post, I intend to share a bit about how getting certified as a health coach and gaining this new knowledge has impacted me. Additionally, I cannot wait to provide you with more insight about Health Coaching and other useful tips, tricks, and information in the area of Health, Wellness, Holistic living, and more! I will see you again very soon!

Best wishes,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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