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Life Update

Hello lovely people!

Oh my, how time feels like it is slipping away sort of. I kid you not, today feels like a Monday. I forgot until just now I needed to post today. Yet, I knew I needed to post today a few days ago. *rolls eyes*. So that is a bit frustrating. I don't have anything planned for today, but decided I would do an update post. So, here we go!

School has been going well so far for the most part. I am enjoying what I am learning about, and have been proud of myself for maintaining good grades still throughout this semester. I only had one midterm to take this semester and I did not think I would do well. I ended up getting 100% though, so that was a good, and very emotional surprise. I was prepared for my grade average to drop, but luckily I did really well! I am done with observations now, and I am just trying to do my best to push through the rest of the semester and enjoy it. The days are going by both slowly and fast. I am ready for the holidays, but definitely trying to also mentally prepare myself for a short break, since our spring semester starts January 6th. I register for Spring 2020 Semester on Tuesday. So, I am going to try and make sure I make the best decision I can. I am learning to do coding in one of my classes now, and so far I have actually found it fun, which is really cool! Other than that I am just hoping for a successful rest of my fall semester.

The vlogs. Haha! I have enjoyed making them. The pumpkin carving part in the previous video release was so frustrating to edit. As I am new to the whole thing it was quite the challenge to try and blur the license plate on my step dads truck. I managed to get it somewhat decently. Luckily it was just a time lapsed video so it went by quickly. Haha! I have not filmed anything for November yet. I have different types of other video ideas, so I will see what may or may not come of them. I will be doing videos for November and December though.

Do I have a job? Will I have a job? I don't know. I do not currently have a job, and I do not know if I will have one soon or not. I applied recently for a part time job at a school not far from my house. The job would enable me to do essentially what I would be doing once I graduate with my certificate. The Monday after the weekend I applied I got a call that they want an interview, and haven't heard anything back since. So, I am hoping I hear something soon, but otherwise I am going to approach registering for spring classes as if I don't have a job, and will just keep my hope low so I won't be terribly disappointed if nothing comes of it. I think it could be a great opportunity though if I were able to get the job. It would be a great way for me to gain more experience and get my foot in the door somewhere.

As of right now, plans wise, I have a plane ticket to go down back home for thanksgiving on the 24th to see my dad and stepmom and any other family who I may be able to see, and will come back to Utah December 1st. I have a ticket now to go back home on December 11th for Christmas break and come back to Utah on the 28th so I have a week to get back into a schedule and routine before spring semester starts. I have a final on December 9th, and then I can't remember when my other two finals are. Theres a chance they may all be on the same day, but theres a chance I may be wrong. As far as all of this goes, I think thats all of my plans I can think of.

Thank you for reading my little update. As always, don't forget to show some appreciation to yourself. Love yourself and others. You are so valued by several people in your life! I will see you very soon. Love you guys!

Best regards,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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