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Living Outside of Texas VS. Being in Texas

First and foremost, Happy Cinco De Mayo! I hope all of you have a great one!

Today, the main focus will be about living outside of Texas (in Utah) versus living in Texas. Since living in a small town in Utah these past few months, I have noticed a few differences when comparing it to Texas. Firstly, we do have fast food chain restaurants here. They are Mcdonalds, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken aka KFC, Subway, Wendy's, and there is one other that I cannot think of. We do also have a Starbucks. These places are considered fast food back in Texas, however, here in this small town that I live in these "fast food" places are not fast food places. Haha! It can sometimes take a little while waiting for your food, rather than ordering and getting it as soon as you pull up to the serving window. Also, yes we have a Starbucks, but it is not as popular as it would be in other places, because locals prefer to support locally owned businesses. So, mainstream places that get put into small towns do not necessarily always do as well. In comparison, Texas does have more food variety options, and its "fast food" places typically are fast. There are quite a few people that live and come through the small town I am in, but Texas definitely has more people. In Texas, going to get ice cream or something of that nature could take up to 15-30 minutes to get to an ice cream parlor. In contrast, it is more like an hour drive or so to get to the nearest Baskin Robins here where I live in Utah. The store is close, but one store may have something another store does not have, which I suppose is the case really anywhere. Certain things tend to be further away here, than if you were in Texas.

It is just little things like those above, which I have noticed. Another thing is, every part of Utah seems to have its own little biosphere. So, for example, let's say you were in Park City or Kamas, they could be getting feets worth of snow per hour. If you went over to Midway, they may only be getting a few inches of snow per hour. One place may be getting rain, and another may be getting sunshine, but all of them are within 15-30 or so minute drives of each other roughly. So, that has also been pretty interesting. Whereas in Texas, it is similar, but for the most part almost everyone seems to have similar weather. I love the small town feel though for sure. Almost everyone that you communicate with is very kind and polite which has been nice! It is a very different vibe from Texas, but it is a good kind of different! Texas for me tends to be very overwhelming, and very energy draining. Here, I do not feel as overwhelmed and drained, which is such a nice thing. I don't think Texas is a bad place, but I also know that it just is not the place for me to be able to permanently reside in. I also feel a lot safer here in Utah than I ever did in Texas. I think that is also a nice thing to be able to just overall be comfortable with where I am. It also helps to know that since it is a small town that I live in here in Utah, my friends that live in the town my mom and I are in, are not far away in case we needed help for any reason. Or, if we wanted to go spend time with them, we don't have to go very far! I think that living in a small town, and living in the city both have pros and cons. It really kind of just depends on where a person feels they fit best.

In Texas, most of my family live there and a few of my friends too. I have a few family members who are here and there in the United States. So, being far from family is an adjustment for sure. However, I think that it has benefited me in a way because it gives me something else to talk to family about. I think when you have family who lives out of state, especially if you've never been where they live, it gives you something to talk about. In addition to that, I think also seeing other types of lifestyles that people lead is interesting too! For example here in Utah, whenever you're driving by a spring, river, lake, pond, etc. There is a pretty high chance you are going to see people fishing, and it does not matter what season you are in. There are some very dedicated fishers up in this neck of the woods. I remember going down to school and it would be snowing, and there would be people fishing. I was impressed with the dedication. Haha! I have found that, in contrast to when I was in Texas, there have been a lot of things here in Utah that have really piqued my interest.

In Texas, there was never really something that stuck out to me that constantly, or that poked at my curiosity for this world a lot. There would be things sometimes that would poke my curiosity, but not always. Here in Utah, you are surrounded mostly by mountains, grassy plains, rocky terrain, even desert terrain. I mean depending on what direction you're heading there is different terrain, and SO MUCH to see! I find that these things almost put me in a trans of just aw. I cannot help but acknowledge how small it makes everything seem. Especially, when you really allow yourself to be immersed in the beauty that is around you. Texas has beauty too, especially in parts of the hill country. Even at some of the lakes there too. But, when you are in the city constantly and that is what you're accustomed to being around, sometimes you won't be able to feel that sense of aw. The sense of aw that makes you want to ask questions about what you're seeing. Sure you could go to a museum of science or an art museum, but while those can give you a sense of aw it is sometimes a different kind of aw that you get. There is something about being able to see different things in person, that helps to put things into a new perspective. For example, I think that living in this small town has definitely made me appreciate parts of Texas more, but I also think it has helped me in so many more ways than can be listed. Some ways are harder to explain than others. For me, growth I think has been a big thing recently.

We cannot always stay in one place to experience optimum growth. Whether it be self-growth, mental growth, or any growth for that matter. Sometimes to fully grow as a person and being it cannot always happen in one spot. Sometimes it takes getting out of the familiar to grow. Testing your comfort zone, and really finding various ways to challenge yourself. I forget this from time to time, but I think all of us do. That is one thing that moving to Utah has reminded me. More so recently than at the beginning of living here. I have already grown a little more just in these past few months! I think we should all try to find ways to challenge ourselves. Even if it means falling in the process. We have to find ways to grow because realistically you don't stop growing. Maybe physically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and so on we are always growing! Unless, you choose to not allow yourself to grow, in which you will only be doing yourself harm. People can try and help you to grow, but it will not do any good unless you choose to accept their help and try. Growing is so important for our lives and well being!

Living here in Utah these past four months has been really fun, and I cannot wait to see what other things are in store! I think Texas is not a bad place to live, it just for me was not a place that I wanted to be in forever. I like exploring new places, and I think that Utah so far has definitely allowed me to do that. While I have come here several times since I was younger I am still finding new things to learn about this beautiful place! I have listed a few differences I have noticed between Utah and Texas in this post, and I just would also like to encourage everyone to explore this amazing planet and see what things you can experience and learn along the way! Thanks so much for reading! See you in my next post!

Best regards,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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