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Saturday Travel Day Going From Utah to Houston

Hello Beautiful Reader!

How are you? I hope you are doing well! I am currently on my flight to Houston. I will attach what I have of a vlog. I was not expecting to see the airport the way it was, otherwise, I would’ve had more content for my vlog. When I traveled last in July, I believe it was coming back from Montana with my grandparents there weren’t a huge amount of people that I remember anyways. I anticipated not many people being there, but I was wrong! There were long lines of people pretty much everywhere. It is becoming more normal again. The line to check my bag was long, but thankfully it moved pretty quickly for the most part. People seem to be caring less about the dots on the floor showing where you should stand to keep the six-foot distance, which I was shocked to notice no one seemed to be following that. I went up to where the security area was and getting through was fast, but crazy. From the time I put my stuff on the conveyor belt to the time that I was on the other side, somehow all of my stuff went from being together to being scattered and separated on the conveyor belt. I got my laptop first. Eventually, I found my tub with my sweatshirt. My backpack finally appeared, and then a gentleman was kind enough to help me find my tennis shoes, which somehow got buried beneath someone else’s stuff, I think. I don’t know, though, to be honest. Haha! It was crazier than I anticipated that is all I know. Food places were crazy too!

All of the food areas near where my gate was were open. Which is great, but I was on a time crunch trying to figure out where to get food and a drink from. Every food place that I was thinking about trying to get something from had super long lines. I would have made a walk to get a smoothie from Jamba juice, but I didn’t have enough time to feel confident enough to make that trek. Finally, with a few minutes to spare, I hopped in a line at a café type thing by my gate and grabbed a latte. That’s all I ended up getting. By that point I think I had like seven or so minutes before my flight was supposed to start boarding. So, in the end of it I was able to snag a drink at least! I am not sure what Houston’s airport will look like, but hopefully it won’t be too bad! I am flying on Delta and to be completely honest, I really like they’re doing the whole blocking out the middle row of their three-seated rows! Haha!

I am going to include pictures I take from my plane window in the video. I love seeing the world from the sky! It gives you a perspective that you do not get to have on the ground. It is so interesting to me the different shapes and things in the land that you see from the sky. I don’t know the exact quote from Indiana Jones strangely enough, but in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, I think is the right movie, there is a line in it that talks about seeing things from gods point of view. Or something like that. It may be something along the lines of seeing something only the gods can see. I don’t know, but I feel like that can be applied to seeing the world out of your plane window. When you look at the land and earth from your plane window, you get to see the world in the way the gods get to and it is so amazing!

Anyways, I hope all of you are doing well, and I hope you enjoy what I have of a travel vlog. Ill see you tomorrow with some exciting news! Until then, I hope you have a great day and night today!

Best wishes and Lots of love,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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