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Self Care & Social Media

This is either going to be a #ThursdayThoughts post or a #WisdomWednesday so we will see what is decided after I write this. Haha! (Clearly I have decided for it to just be a Sunday post). I am currently writing this on Thursday October 3, and I wanted to write these thoughts down in hopes it could help someone who stumbles across my blog, or who may be a regular reader. My thoughts are as follows. I have done posts before on here about self care, but I haven’t exactly focused individually on various types of self care that maybe aren’t always identified as so. This idea is something I do want to do more of. The idea to write this today was quite honestly a spontaneous idea as I was doing something for myself that I see as a form of self care. I did not have the post planned in advance at all. It is fall now, and the year is close to coming to an end, and a new beginning soon awaits. Soon, and it’s already started really. People on social media are all starting and getting ready to start posting all of the holiday pics. All of the posts that make some people jealous, or envious, or insecure sometimes. Whether that be people who are family, friends, or just people you follow to follow and see their posts and what not. Managing social media and who you follow should, and to some is identified as a form of self care. Every so often I like to go through my Instagram and re-evaluate whose accounts I am following. I follow my friends and family and those who I want to follow that I may not know. But, when I go to re-evaluate the accounts I follow I ask myself a series of questions and identify my emotions I feel when reading their account name or scoping their account out before making a decision to either keep following them or to unfollow them. This is something I think is really important. Especially if you are someone who is on social media a lot or somewhat on it. Sometimes, and even more so for others, the accounts we follow and the people we choose to see posts from can affect us. Not always but sometimes. If it is not affecting you in a positive way, if you don’t enjoy their posts, if you just get annoyed with someone’s posts, if any peoples or accounts posts aren’t bringing any form of positivity to you and your life you probably shouldn’t keep following them. Regardless of if the accounts are from friends, family, or whoever. If it’s hurting you, bothering you, or just brings negativity to you when you see it, then maybe you shouldn’t follow along. Everyones situations are different, but people really need to pay attention to how social media affects them individually. For me personally, I am on my instagram and snapchat mostly. I do go on twitter but mostly to see what people I follow have tweeted. I do not go into Facebook anymore. This is a personal choice I made and it has honestly helped me a lot. The only time I go onto facebook nowadays is when I have to update you guys on a blog post being submitted. If I ever go on Facebook these days aside from letting people know about a new blog post, I either see really nice and positive and happy posts, or I see posts that make me feel angry, irritated, sad, or just overall not good. It is my own choice to distance myself from that. I’ve had people say to me that it may or may not bother them that I’m not on there as much anymore, or they don’t understand why I can’t reply to messages on Facebook, and things of that nature. I can go and respond to messages, but i just don’t go onto the platform enough to see if i have messages. That is why now i have started to ask people to text me or call me if they have my information instead of using social media to reach me if they can. I don’t expect a lot of people to understand. I am doing what’s best for me and that is what truly matters. Do what’s best for you, and be aware of how things affect you and then act on that. Especially when it comes to social media. The internet and social media can be a dangerous place, so please always proceed with caution on all platforms. I love all of you! Be careful out there, and look out for the ones you care about, but especially look out for YOU!

Best regards,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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