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We WILL Get Through This!

Hello Beautiful Reader, I hope you are doing well! I cannot lie, this whole situation that is affecting every single one of us in one way or another has been tough. My creativity I feel like has been low and I am hopeful it will come back to me soon. I was meant to post a scheduled blog post this past Sunday, but I did not. I wrote up a post and didn't feel like it was good enough to share yet. So, today, I decided I would just write a more rambly update type of post. I have been doing well for the most part. Thankfully my class I have been taking this semester has turned out to be pretty easy to take online. We are almost done with the semester and I am a little sad about it. This semester went by so fast! Our final is going to be taken on my birthday on the 27th, and then after that, the semester will be over. It is bitter sweet. I can't get over how fast it went by though. As of right now, I was only able to register for one of the three classes I want to take in the fall. But, that being said, it is good that I was able to at least grab a spot in one class. I am not sure if the two that I was unable to grab will actually be offered in the fall. If they are not going to be offered this fall that is ok. While on the subject of classes, one of the things I have been doing to keep myself busy during this whole quarantine/#stayhome/#staysafe pandemic ordeal is take classes for fun on a site called Udemy. I found Udemy while searching for websites to take courses online for fun to learn about topics that interested me. So far, I have completed an Astronomy for Beginners course, and I am taking a Nutrition course right now. The courses I plan to take after my Nutrition one are American Sign Language levels one to three. Sign language has been something I have always found interested and kind of wanted to know. So I am excited to take those three courses. There is also a wellness course I plan to take too! This is not an ad for the website, just something I thought I would share about in case any of you are bored and maybe wanted to look into learning new things. They offer courses in a lot of different topics. Plus, they will do 48-hour deals on course prices, which is great! I have been doing other things too to keep myself mostly sane during this weird time. I have recently gotten myself a Nintendo Switch and have been playing Animal Crossing. I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I have, but it has been pretty fun! I have been watching old shows and a movie here and there on Disney+, which I have really enjoyed having. I have an app on my phone called Headspace, which is a meditation app and they have some workout things too. I recently finished doing one of their month-long workout programs and I really enjoyed it. I am proud of myself for completing it. I may start it over again soon. I have been doing my walks too, which helps. Journaling and also doing a gratitude and manifestation journal has been really helpful for me as well! I have been looking for possible work-from-home/online jobs. If any of you know of any good resources to find jobs like that let me know! If you don't, that is totally fine too! We are in a weird time right now. Though I have found things to help myself deal with the situation we are all being faced with. It certainly has not been easy for me either. I was supposed to be going home a week ago I think it was, but we made a mutual decision to cancel that trip. I was actually really looking forward to going and was surprised at how much it actually hurt to not be able to go spend easter back home. Nevertheless, I was still able to have a good easter and spend some time with some family. This is a hard time for all of us right now. I think it is important for everyone to try to remember that. We are all in the same boat, while also being affected differently. You are not alone! We WILL get through this together. I hope it will all end soon. I love you very much! Stay strong and keep pushing through. This too shall pass! I will see you again hopefully really soon! With love, The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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