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Where have I been the past 2-Months?

Hello lovely!

In today's video I address where I have been the past two months. It has been a bit rough honestly in terms of thinking of content to share. Not to mention wanting to keep up with posting and sharing in general. I pretty much went MIA right after my last post/video. I am sorry about that! I am trying to brainstorm more content while I have my creative juices going! Hoping I don't scare them away by posting a bit more soon! Haha! I hope you enjoy the video! It is short and not perfect. I have two more videos scheduled out after this one too. They're also short and not perfect, but you have to start somewhere. Hoping this is the start of more posting and providing value, inspiration, and fun for all of us! I love you! Enjoy the video and I will see you again in my next one! My next video will come out on Wednesday, March 9, at 12:30 PM MST!

Best wishes and lots of love,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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