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You Always Seem to Be So Put Together

"You always seem so put together!", "How do you keep yourself motivated?", "How are you able to keep such a positive outlook on life?" they say. Just a few things I have heard every so often. I think it is really interesting when people approach me with these questions, but I also find it to be very kind. I, unfortunately, do struggle to find the proper and best way to approach and answer these types of things. Now, I do not struggle to answer because I do not have an answer, or due to being confused. I struggle to answer these every now and again, because sometimes it tends to just baffle me and surprise me that some people, even ones who barely know me, see this in me. Other times, I struggle to answer them, because I myself sometimes do not know how I do it.

Just like everyone else in this world, I too have days where I struggle to see positives in day-to-day life. There are times where my anxiety, stress, and depression take over my mind. This can last for a few days, just a day, or sometimes less than even a day. I try really hard to keep a positive outlook, by reminding myself when I remember to, that things could always be worse! For me, I thankfully was raised being educated on things that most people do not learn about at a young age, and that in turn has helped me in more than one way! I was also raised to try and keep an open mind to find things that could possibly help me with various things! Over the years, I have found various ways for myself to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as, things to help me stay motivated! A lot of these things are ones that can be found in everyday life! Below, I will list out some of the things I have found to be helpful to me.

Music! Oh my, how music helps me. Music is like therapy for me. It is one of my escapes when I may be in a dark place, or if I am in a great place. Music is so important to me. I honestly hardly leave the house now without my headphones. It helps me when my mind is running at light speed, it helps when I am anxious, stressed, or in a depressed state of mind. I for a long time have used music to help me. It can either help me cope or pull me right back up from wherever my mind or emotions have gone.

Art! Art is another thing that helps me sometimes. It is a way to express your emotions, and let creativity flow effortlessly, or with effort. I have used this in the past too, in order to relieve stress or to improve my mind, and feelings. It is interesting when you start noticing all the things that help you. I hardly talk about these things, but there really are a lot of resources I have discovered for myself that help me.

Past experiences I tend to reflect on regularly. The good ones, and the bad ones as well. Some people may read this and think to themselves that it is odd to use negative experiences to help yourself, or how does that make sense? See, for me, reflecting on good and bad helps me to reassure myself of how far I have come. It allows me to remember how many things I have already survived from, fought, and won! In order for me to know that whatever is happening, whatever I am feeling in the moment, or over a certain amount of time shall too pass, and I will overcome it!

I also use quotes! If you are someone who knows me and follows me on other social platforms you probably already know quotes are a big thing for me. However, you'd probably think that the posts about quotes I make are for others, or just to do as a challenge for myself to be creative and help others. While that is true, it is only partially true. I do those inspirational posts, and quotes, also for myself. The likes I get on them, sure, I appreciate them, but no one knows how much those posts mean for me. Sometimes, there are times where that may be the only positive feeling or thought I have in a week. Sometimes, it is one of several positive things that I have in a week. Posting positive quotes and so on, is another form of therapy for myself. Since doing those posts, I have taught myself so many things, while hoping I am also helping others!

Writing also is something I have come to find out helps me! I feel that I am able to express myself, and my thoughts better, and more concisely when I write. It is very interesting to me! Free writing like this comes naturally and effortlessly to me. Whereas, in contrast, writing scholarly papers is a real struggle until I have my topics outlined and supportive info found before writing. I can write great academic papers when everything is set up right, but it is such a struggle to get started on them. In high school, I discovered that I do really well with free writing like this. I had a teacher give me a topic to free write about and to express myself with, and they told me I do really well at articulating my thoughts, feelings, and self in writing. Ever since then I try to find ways to use it to the best of my abilities for different things. One thing I use it for is to try and stay positive and to get all of my thoughts out if I am overthinking!

One last thing that has helped me, is the people around me! Everyone who has shown support, or kindness to me at any point in my life has had an impact on me whether they realize it or not. I feel so fortunate to have had several various people in my life. I appreciate the people from my past, the ones that are here in the now, the ones who have always been here, and the ones I have yet to meet! It can be a cold, dark, and confusing world, but having good, warm-hearted people surrounding you can help make such a difference! I have had the blessing of having some amazing people with me during some of the darkest times in my life, and it truly helped me so much!

I will always strive to live the most positive and happy life that I can! No matter how difficult or easy it ends up being. Effort, and continuous effort at that, is what it takes! Also, self-love! Self-love is so important, and it took me a long time to figure that one out! Some may say it even took me a little too long. Haha! One of these days I may touch on that! Since it is February, aka, the month of Love because of Valentine's Day. I want to encourage all of you to find ways to love yourself, and to always show love to the ones who mean the most to you! I will see all of you again on the 17th! Have an awesome first half of the month!

Best regards,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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