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May Summer Video Release!

May Summer Video Release!

Hello fellow reader! I would like to take the pleasure in letting you know my May Summer Compilation video, or shall I say videos are up, and now available for viewing! I had to divide my summer video for May into three parts. Two of them are more rambly. Can’t say I don’t feel weird about releasing them, but it’s good to step outside of our comfort zones sometimes, right? Haha! Never the less I hope you enjoy them! Hold tight, because June, July, and August are still yet to come! Thanks for embracing my awkwardness with me! If you see this before you see the videos, you can find the videos under the blog tab on my site under the category blog, or you can find them on my YouTube link which will be listed with the blog post that contains the videos.

Best regards,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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