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My Grace Coffee Review!

Hello Beautiful Soul!

I hope you are doing well! I have been wanting to write about this but have not gotten to it until now. I, and I am sure several of you enjoy drinking coffee either every day or now and then. Or, maybe, you don't like drinking coffee at all, but probably know someone who does. Well, I ordered from this company once their shop opened online and have been drinking their coffee, and I wanted to write a review of it based on my experience thus far.

Firstly, I found out about this company because I follow one of the owners on social media and watch the content he and his wife put out on YouTube. He and his brother created this coffee company together. The story behind it is neat, but I won't tell it here to try and keep this post short. The way the shop works is, it is all online as far as I know, and you have two options for purchasing/ordering from them. One option is, you can go to their website and order the products you'd like or want to try and have it shipped to you. The second option is, you can sign up for a subscription, where you pick the coffee you want, and also choose the frequency at which it gets shipped to you. Along with the subscription choice, is a wonderful opportunity to support a child in need. When a child is selected for your subscription payments to support them, you can also write messages to have sent to the child that your subscription is partly sponsoring. It is really neat! To maintain transparency with customers, their site also showcases how your money from your subscription goes towards helping the child you are sponsoring via your coffee subscription.

The quality of the two coffees I have tried has been good. I got their Honduras ground coffee, in addition to, their Ethiopian k-cup. Both of them are very good! I have enjoyed them both! They are a nice smooth flavor, while also being bold at the same time. They have a few other flavors for their ground coffee, and one other flavor for their k-cup coffee. I would recommend them to any coffee lover, and I like the cause behind their shop. I will leave a link to their website below for any of you who may be interested! I am not affiliated with them in any way so any purchases through the link go to them and the cause they are supporting! I'd also like to add one more thing. For any of you who enjoy Daily Devotionals, they do their own on their blog on their website too.

Until next time, I hope you continue to do well and if you have been having a tough time lately I hope that starts getting better!

Best wishes & lots of love,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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