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Society Pt. 3: A Once Non-Technical World...Gone Technical

Society Pt. 3: A Once Non-Technical World…Gone Technical

Oh, how times are changing. It has been interesting to grow up and see how different things are now, but I know things are more different now for my parents and other family than it may be for me. However, I have been able to see changes in some things too. I think it has been interesting to watch the progression of technology and watching things that I and many other people would use are no longer being used as frequently. In this post I am going to talk about some of the differences I have seen growing up.

Imagine this. You are sleeping peacefully and one morning you wake up a bit earlier than normal. The house has a peaceful stillness and quietness to it. There is the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the sound of papers turning. No sign of a TV being on. Just very simple peaceful sounds. Growing up I remember every once and a while I would wake up at my dads and he and my stepmom would be reading the newspaper and drinking their coffee. It was before the news was even really utilized on televisions. News Papers, it is in their name, were what was used to stay up to date with what was going on in the world. There were articles, weekly weather reports, sports reports, the funnies section, which had little comics on it, and several other things. On the rare occasion I would go down and read the weather and the funnies with my dad and stepmom and with my own little cup of coffee. Now, most people do not do that anymore, because they just get their news and updates on their phones and televisions. But it isn’t just newspapers that get used less. So have certain movie and music products.

For any other millennials who may read this, you probably know about CDs and DVDs, but I don’t know if you would know what a VHS was. Depending on when you were born you probably would. But VHS tapes are some things that no longer get used and that you see less of since technology has improved as much as it has. I remember a lot of my sister and I’s movies were on VHS, but our families had a lot that were on DVDs too. When my sister and I were growing up we had our own CD players, our own DVD movie players, and I think a stereo that played CDs. You can still get these things, but since iPods and iPhones and apps have come out that enable streaming of music and the availability to just download music with the tap of a button not as many people are seen playing CDs and things of that nature. Even stores that would sell movies and allow for movies to be rented are no longer being used as much, because of services like Netflix, Hulu, and others that allow for it to not be necessary anymore. There are still some places though that do rent out movies and things like that. I can remember going to blockbuster as a kid to go pick out a movie to watch and then return at some point. How times have changed! Since times are changing and constantly advancing, what would happen if all technology got lost? Would everyone know how to handle no available electronic use?

Honestly, I think there would be a lot of people who would struggle if this were to happen. I do not mean this in a bad way, but some people really do rely heavily on electronics for many daily functions. But for example, the apps Instagram and Snapchat have had moments in recent time where they were glitching, and not running as smoothly. Most users of those apps freaked out when they were down, a few people, me included, could’ve cared less that the apps were down. If, hypothetically, the world was to lose availability to electronics, and electricity, I think a large amount of people would not know what to do to survive. There will probably be a small few of people who could figure out what to do, and those few who would know what to do would probably have a high chance of getting used. But with all of that being said I think it is important for people to learn how to not be attached to their phone, or at least learn how to take some technology and social media breaks. They are actually very rewarding!

In conclusion, the world is changing. We are adapting, but I think still learning and understanding some old ways of survival and tricks could be good for humanity. We can’t forget where we started from to get to where we are now. Survival of the fittest has and will continue to prove to be a very true statement. Learn, live, grow, or don’t learn, live, and don’t grow. It is our choice which one we pursue. I am scared of what is next for technology, but whatever happens I will adapt while still trying to utilize non-technical skills that I know of for as long as I can!

Best Regards,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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