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Cold and Flu Season has Arrived!

Hello lovely!

I hope you're doing well! I am doing well for the most part. As I am writing this I am trying to recover from getting sick. I am getting better slowly as each day comes and goes. If you haven't started already, try to get your vitamin C, elderberry, and all the immune supporting things in you that you can! I was already doing some things here and there, but it didn't prevent anything. However, I suppose I was due to be sick sometime soon since the last time I was sick was two years ago! But, definitely start supporting yourself before it's too late. Better to be safe than sorry. In more exciting news. . .

The Astros are going back to the World Series! I am really excited that they are getting to go back! They have played really well this year. I would love to see them get their second World Series Win! The World Series starts tomorrow, so I will definitely be tuning into it while I continue to recover and try to get better! I will be traveling home to spend the holidays with my family and have every intention of intentionally splurging to some extent on all the wellness supporting things. I also want to add a little reminder to really prioritize when and where you can, the relationships you have with friends, family, and any, and all, of your loved ones! Not every day is promised.

Despite being sick and life just continuing to happen, I must say I have been very grateful this week for what I am doing for work right now. Being able to work for myself at the moment has been comforting knowing I can take rest when I need it. I will be getting a vlog up next week sometime. It may end up being a longer one that compiles what I had for this weeks Tuesday vlog, and some other things thrown in maybe. But if you're interested, keep your eyes on the look out for it to come out! Until I see you again, take care of yourself, stay hydrates, and always remember you are loved and deserve to be here! I love you guys!

Best wishes and lots of love,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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