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My Experience Attending IIN!

Hello Lovely!

I hope you are doing well today! Let me first say, that I initially was intending to have this written to be posted around July 20th this year. In honor of July 20th, 2021 marking a year since I started pursuing Health Coaching. July 20th, 2020 was the first day of my Health Coaching program when I started it. However, if you are new here, or haven't heard already, I have since graduated from the program and became an official Certified Holistic Health Coach as of March 2, 2021! For anyone who may be interested, I will leave a link to my Health Coaching site at the end of this post. But I wanted to talk briefly today about what my experience was like attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, or IIN for short!

When I started the Health Coach Training Program (HCTP) at IIN I was walking into it pretty blind. At least in terms of what to expect and what I'd learn about. I was walking into this new chapter with both fear and excitement alike. It was a new experience! If you haven't seen it already, click here to hear why I switched to Health Coaching as a career. For those who don't know, I was pursuing teaching before this. To say that this experience was great is an understatement in some ways. I loved my experience attending IIN! I was fortunate to learn about so many amazing topics from Gut Health, to Chakras, Relationships, nutritional information, business tips and tricks, and so much more! I loved everything I got to learn about! It was fantastic that it was all online and I even made some friends through it too! But. . .

Of course, there were some things I wished would have been a bit different. I feel as though, it would have been nice for some of their business training to also be geared towards people taking a more online route with their business. Rather than the business training be more focused on in-person business. Mainly, because I am taking a more online/remote approach to mine. They could've done a better job at telling us what forms are necessary for our business sites too from a legal perspective. I have had people ask me as a Health Coach if I can make meal plans, and so I feel they needed to add a little more clarity on what we can do for clients in that regard. Just since most of the time, it is registered dietitians that will do that sort of thing, and not Health Coaches. It depends on what your certification grants you the rights to do. We, as a graduation requirement, were required to do Coaching Calls. In these calls, we would meet with a Health Coach who had graduated from IIN and became successful in the field. I feel that I could've done without those, or maybe my friends and I didn't have the right coach. Haha! But without the Coaching Calls, I would not have met some of my friends. So very grateful for it in that regard.

In conclusion, and to hopefully not make this too long. I enjoyed my experience attending IIN's Health Coach Training Program! I have enjoyed beginning learning the ropes to owning my own business so far and being my own boss. It's a whole new experience and a whole new chapter. It certainly has its challenges, but somehow I always manage to take on the harder things and roll with them. Haha! So far, I have one amazing client who has taken advantage of my current promotional deal, and I am so glad she did! It's been amazing working with her and she's been doing amazing! If you are interested, I have two spots open for two lucky people to get my Health Coaching services completely FREE of charge! If you're interested, be sure to go and schedule yourself a FREE Health History NOW to see if working with a Health Coach may be right for you and to snag this deal! It is first come first served so don't wait! I can't wait to hear from you! Until next time, I hope you have a fantastic week and I love you bunches!

To Schedule your FREE Health History or learn more go here:

Best wishes,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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