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Where have I been?

Hello Dear Reader!

I know I have been absent a while. Oh, how I have missed writing and putting out content here on my blog. I decided to come back i wanted to do a post on what i have been up to and try to put into words why i have been gone longer than my schedule for my blog.

I have quite honestly been struggling with the motivation to want to write. With everything happening in the world right now and with stuff im trying to figure out for my personal life it all can take a toll. I haven't had the motivation to write because of it. This year has not gone to plan for any of us. I was going to write a post on some of my opinions, and i have a whole draft written out, but I dont know if that will be shared. I most likely wont, but you never know.

Like everyone else, i am not sure how to view the situation(s) that are at hand right now. There are a lot of moving parts and a lot of pieces of things that people are finally waking up and seeing for themselves. I have been trying to stay up to date while also keeping my distance to protect my mental health. There has been a lot that i have seen that is very concerning. Not just the big obvious things but things people may not even stop to consider during this time currently. I hope everything that is happening in the present is to prepare us for a better tomorrow. A quote i have shared to my blog instagram account that i feel really can be applied right now is, "Everything is going to be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end" - John Lennon. I feel in my heart things WILL improve in time. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I am glad though that people are finally starting to #BeWoke. Other than trying to get by day today with the madness in the world right now i have managed to keep myself somewhat busy!

I am currently in Texas. I have been back home since the 14th of May. It has been nice being back home. I needed this and it has felt nice. I have been able to see all of my siblings! I had to hold back tears saying hi to my sister and saying goodbye to my brothers after seeing them. It is so hard for me to say goodbye to the ones i love, but especially my immediate family members. I got to see my nona and one of my aunt and uncle on my dads side. If youre reading this I love you and i am so glad i got to see you while i have been in town! I also was able to see two of my cousins on my dads side of the family! I have been able to spend time with my aunt and uncle on my moms side too and my cousins who they have. I needed this more specifically. I was having a really hard time not seeing my family while i was home in Utah. So seeing the ones i have been able to see has been nice! I have also been trying to be outside more.

In the summer time it is the time to get tan. Anyone who knows my sister and I, probably mostly family know this, but we take our tans very seriously. My sister and i have a "playful" comparison competition thing we do where we try to see which one of us ends up tanner. Haha! So i have been trying to do some serious work on getting my summer tan. Since she and i are part Italian, fun fact! We tan easily naturally with our olive skin! Speaking of trying to be outdoors more. I have been trying to do that too anyways, because i just really enjoy being in whatever form of nature i can be in. I find it to be therapeutic for me. I am doing my smoothies (quick side note i have been taking down "recipes" i am coming up with. If you'd like me to share some let me know in the comments below or somewhere) and I have been doing my walks still to the best of my ability. I also went to our ranch with my dad and Cloud, aka miss cloudy poo, for a few days which was nice! I got to ride my four wheeler around, which I enjoy doing! Oh, and one more thing!

Just so i can wrap this longer post up before i ramble on and make it too much longer. I am in the process of trying to slowly get back into making content for you guys. I will share this and then i have a unboxing/product review video i am making. I am making another video too of a different product reveal/review. Soon, i will hopefully have my first travel vlog of the summer shortly, so lots of things are starting to be in the works. Stay tuned and don't forget to share this with anyone you think may like my content or benefit from it! I love you guys and I can't wait to start making some more posts and content! We can only go up from here!

Best wishes,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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P.P.S. I am always up for topic or content suggestions that you or someone you know may like to see! Feel free to give me some in the comments or shoot me an email from my contact page!

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