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A Grateful Attitude!

Hello lovely person!

So, you noticed the title, did you? Or maybe you didn’t care so much about the title and are just curious to see what I have to say in this blog post. After all, it’s been a bit, since I chatted with you last. Regardless of which one you are, I am so incredibly happy to have you here! Today’s blog post is going to be about gratitude! I figured, since we are in the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this might be a great time to talk about it! Especially considering this time of year in some respects does revolve around gratitude!

Now, gratitude is something we all hear about in one way or another. A lot of us hear about how important it is to have gratitude in life. However, how often do all of us truly make an effort to really practice gratitude? Or even understand how to practice having gratitude? I would assume probably not too many of us. With how busy work and personal lives get it can be super easy to forget to pause every once and awhile and just acknowledge all that we are grateful for. In addition, what most don’t know, or what some of us forget, is that by expressing gratitude we increase the likelihood of us getting and accomplishing things we want. Because, after all, by expressing gratitude in one way or another, we are putting positivity out into the universe. In doing so, eventually, our positivity we put out will come back to us! At least, that’s what I believe! By now, you could be thinking, “That sounds nice! But how am I supposed to go about practicing this?” If you asked yourself this, I am glad! Let’s go answer that big question!

When it comes to practicing gratitude, or breaking it down in my own way, a grateful attitude. It can be done and expressed in a wide variety of ways. So, in short, there truly aren’t many ways in which you are limited in how you can express your gratitude! Here are a few examples of ways to express gratitude, or a grateful attitude! Writing down three to five things you’re grateful for. Expressing what you are grateful for through prayer or meditation. Telling someone you love that you’re grateful for them or talking to them about what you are grateful for. Sitting down and just mentally making notes of what you’re grateful for in that moment. No matter what approach you take to expressing gratitude, the most important aspect of practicing gratitude is, making sure you are really FEELING your gratefulness and truly immersing yourself in that feeling. When we allow ourselves to not only recognize, think about, and express our gratitude, but also really feel it we amplify its power even more! I hope this post inspires you to be aware of all that which brings you feelings of gratitude and really experience them this holiday season and every day! I love you and I will see you again soon!

With love,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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