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Things Are Moving Fast!

Hello lovely!

When I was writing my most recent blog post that got shared, things were pretty stagnant, and I was in a waiting game. By the way, the waiting game has to do with that secret project I am waiting to tell you guys about. The day I am writing this I am blown away at how quickly things started to happen today. It’s crazy to me! So much happened today, which its May 17, 2023, as I am writing this. I did not anticipate what happened today to all happen in one day. I was anticipating what happened today to be more drawn or more spread out.

Today, I finally gained access to my business bank account, hint hint. I also filled out application information to join with a group. Not only that, I bought errors and omissions insurance for the first time, and I am back in the waiting game to wait for access to my next step which will be training. But I do not anticipate this waiting to happen for very long. I would not be surprised if this waiting comes to an end tomorrow for the training portion. I can tell you this is a very exciting endeavor. I am both scared and excited for this. Haha! But I think it’s something that could potentially be a good thing!

Taking a leap at something is hard. But taking a leap at something, choosing to go all in with no idea how it will go, and crossing your fingers it will work out is a different story. Theres risk and reward with anything in life and you have to hope the reward will be greater than the risk. Although sometimes they’re just about equal! Once my training starts I will probably be doing training for about 3 weeks’ worth of time before being able to finally start this new endeavor. I will most likely do a full-on announcement of this either once training starts or right before it ends. So stay tuned! For all we know, my next blog post could be the official announcement! Stick around so you don’t miss the announcement when it comes out! I will see you in my next one!

Best wishes and lots of love,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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