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Announcing Our Family Trip + Random Chat!

Holy smokes! How are we already in the blogs fifth year of existing? Absolutely insane! I don’t know about you, but if you’ve been with me from the start, I go and re-read some of my posts on my own. Do you ever do that too? Let me know in the comments below! In my last post I was talking about something to do with social media. In the post before that one I mentioned I have a secret project in the works. Currently I have done everything to prepare to really start it but I still have one thing I need to get sorted out. I can’t wait to share that world with you once I feel ready to share it!

I have to say, owning my own business, and learning how to has been so neat! For anyone who has never owned a business and thinks it must be a breeze, it’s not. Haha! I won’t hesitate to say that. It has its challenges for sure. At the end of the day, it is super rewarding and has truly given me flexibility that your typical 9-5 would not enable me to otherwise have. Especially with how my life is right now. I can’t guarantee this, but my hope is to be in a position where I can tell you about this secret project sometime shortly after I post this for all of you. By the time I share this post, if everything goes how I’d like it to, I should be getting close to being ready to share in this excitement with you all. You’ve been going with me through many things these past 4 or 5 years and I think it’s only right to keep bringing you along!

To wrap this post up, I am planning to end with a bang! I am incredibly excited to say that after this post gets published, my mom, stepdad, two stepsisters, my sister, and I will all be going on a trip to Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic! I am super excited! I have never been to a “nice” beach before and I am really looking forward to this new experience and to be able to say I have gone outside the country twice! So, get ready to hear about that in a vlog or blog post soon! And don’t forget to stay tuned for that secret project I am working on behind the scenes at the moment! It’s all going to be amazing, and I am grateful you are coming along with me on this wild ride! I will see you again in the next post!

Best wishes,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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