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Apps that I like & use

These days it seems more and more apps are what is being utilized for various jobs, tasks, and leisurely type items. From games, productivity apps, self-care, and so many others. So today, I thought it could be fun to talk about some of the apps I enjoy having and using.

On my phone, I have 38 apps that I downloaded, at least I think I do. That is as long as I counted them correctly. All of my apps are different types. I only have three apps that are games. With the games, I go in and out of wanting to play them. I have two apps that I use for quotes. One of them is called Motivation, and it sends you quotes throughout the day. The other one is called Quotes Creator and I use it to create templates of quotes I come up with or that I find and want to share in a presentable way sometimes to share on social media. Speaking of social media, I have a couple. I have the Instagram app, Snapchat, Facebook which I did not download until recently (and have recently deleted after initially writing this post), Tiktok, and twitter. Out of these I use and post on snapchat and Instagram the most. I find these two specifically to be the "safest". The only reason I downloaded facebook was because of this blog. Tiktok I don't even use, but downloaded it because my sister has it and she wanted to send me videos that she comes across. Plus, one of my other sisters has it and sometimes posts to it. Twitter I use a lot for my blog twitter account, but also to follow influencers whose content I watch. I have some financial bank apps that I use to keep up with my money and also my bank account at my university. I have an app that I use to clock-in and clock-out of work. I have a weather app that I use. I have shopping type apps too. I have some that are for food and one for amazon. My university has apps for their students to use, so I have those, and I have an app that helps keep me accountable on tasks for classes. There are 4 apps I use for this blog and my videos. I have the YouTube app, a YouTube thumbnail creator app, the YouTube analytics app, and I have the Wix app. I have the United app for when I travel, which I love because you can have your boarding pass on your phone. The Disney+ app is another one I have that I really like. Finally, I have a traffic app that lets you see road conditions and traffic conditions, and I also use the Spotify music streaming app, which I use a lot!

I think apps can be really useful for various things, but I think it is also easy to be too reliant on apps sometimes too. I try to only keep apps on my phone that I truly use and that don't just sit on my phone. I will occasionally do "app cleanses" where I go and delete apps that I feel like I am not utilizing enough. As of right now, that is pretty much my description of the types of apps that I use and find useful. Until next time, thank you for reading this post. I hope you found it interesting, and I will see you in my next blog post!

Best regards,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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