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What have I been doing / trying during quarantine?

By now I think we’ve all had just about enough with this whole quarantine ordeal. It’s been crazy to see everything thats happening around. I know people who have all been affected in various ways, but I think it’s important to recognize all of us are affected not just one or the other. But, instead, just in different ways. However, while it has been slightly frustrating for I think all of us, I have been grateful for some things that have come of it. I have begun trying to workout out more and not just do my walks. It’s been nice to do some other type of physical activity that is both challenging and doable. I’ve been following a workout thing in my meditation app. The app I use is called Headspace and I believe you can get it on both Android devices and not just iPhones. I am doing their workout for a second time now and really like it! I’ve also been reading. I’ve never been a big reader, but in recent times, and by recent times I mean in the last year or so I have started to read a bit more. I got a few books for my birthday and have really enjoyed the one that I started reading that is about Self Compassion. I may try to write about it after I have finished reading it. That’s one thing I have been doing during quarantine. I’ve also been playing games a bit more. I decided, oh, I think a month ago to buy myself a Nintendo Switch and have actually really enjoyed having it. I have been playing a Mario Kart game some and a game called Animal Crossing, which I am surprised at how much I actually enjoy playing. Haha! I definitely play Animal Crossing more than I play Mario Kart. It’s been nice talking to others too. I am grateful to have been able to talk to some family a little more than usual. That is always something I feel is important and that I try to not take for granted. I have been grateful to be able to talk to some friends too. I think it is important to talk to friends and loved ones as much as you can for various reasons. I’ve felt grateful too, to have been able to spend so much time with my grandparents now after all of us quarantined ourselves for at least a month before actually hanging out again. But, it’s always imp to check in on the ones you love. I’ve been trying new things too! Aside from trying out a new workout thing, I have started trying out Herbal Coffee. Sounds strange, I know. And as someone who has grown up drinking regular coffee I was a bit skeptical as of if it could taste as good as the real thing. However, to my surprise, I have actually really enjoyed the herbal coffee I have tried. I want to try and make my own blends, but I will need to wait until this madness calms down and we get back to a new normal. I have become and affiliate for the company I have been getting herbal coffee from and will leave my link at the end of this post for any of you who may want to check it out. Another thing I have “tried”, which I have actually done before, is I also gave myself an at home manicure with products from a company called Red Aspen which I have talked about before. I love their products and their so price friendly. plus, it only took me about 10 minutes to actually apply my manicure and I was done. That is after cutting and filing my nails. I had to soak off some old gel polish beforehand, but if I didn’t have to do that it would’ve taken me just the 10 minutes to apply. I have had this manicure on now for at least probably two or so weeks by now I think! Which is pretty great If you ask me.

I will post a picture of our pieces of food that we each baked from scratch below. I baked a tart filled with lemon curd and topped with fruit. My stepsister made a red velvet cheesecake brownie type dessert, and my grandma made a cream horn! They all turned out super yummy!

My last day of class was on my birthday on the 27th. I took my final then and now the semester is over. It was bitter sweet to have the semester come to an end, but that is what happens with school. I have continued to enjoy learning about all the information in my classes about teaching early childhood and education. I’m not sure what my fall semester is going to look like yet, but I know everything will happen the way it is meant to. I get to come to Houston in a few days on the 14th and I’m very excited to. I hope I can see as many family as I can while in town. I hope all of you are doing well! Keep going and don’t give up yet! Everything is going to get better soon hopefully! I’ll leave my affiliate links below if any of you are bored and or want to try out something new! Hopefully I’ll get some more content out soon! I love all of you very much!

Best wishes,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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