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Do You Want to Know About Natural Antibiotics?

Hello Lovely!

How are you doing today? I hope you are doing well! I had a strong desire to sit down and write. If I am being honest, I haven't had this strong of a desire to write in what feels like a while. Time is going by so fast these days at the moment, so I don't know how long it's been since I felt this strongly to sit down and write. As I am writing this I am sitting on the porch of my dad and stepmom's barndominium with a big tumbler of lemon water as it rains lightly and birds of all kinds are singing their beautiful song. All while also playing Dan & Shay on shuffle on my Spotify. Haha! We are about to be in September as it is August 29th currently, and you will see this most likely on the 5th of September. This means we are not too far out from our typical cold and flu season now. With this in mind, I wanted to briefly talk about something I have been educating myself on as of very recently. So, buckle up, and let's get straight into it!

Medicine! More like antibiotics to be more specific! Anyone who has ever been sick in their life has at some point most likely been put on antibiotics to heal their sickliness. The sad thing about this is how many not-so-great things can/could come along with antibiotics. Especially, if you're unaware of them, and are unable to take action to prevent problems after having to take them. While the antibiotics most commonly prescribed can help with curing sicknesses. They can also wreak havoc on our bodies in other ways. One of the main areas that takes the biggest blow is our guts microbiome. There is a lot to cover around that, so we won't get into that specifically today. However, I have been researching more natural sources of antibiotics. I started reading about this on accident. I was doing research for someone on an entirely different topic and stumbled across an article about natural antibiotics. It is neat to me that there are plants that can act as antibiotics! Now, I do not think antibiotics from a doctor are bad. In fact, depending on what your situation is, they just might be better to take! Again, that would depend on what type of illness you have going on. If you are interested, leave a comment below this post, or on my Instagram post relating to this if I get one up, and let me know if you'd like a post about natural antibiotic/early preventative resources! It is super interesting in my opinion!

To conclude this post, for now, I would love to share about this if it is something you guys would also be interested in! I am seeing more and more people looking for natural remedies and looking for other options that could potentially be useful/helpful. As well as be less potentially "threatening" or "harsher" in treatment side effects. So, let me know! I am going to continue researching these and see what I can learn myself! I love you all! I hope you're doing well, and I send love and hugs to all!

Best wishes and lots of love,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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