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End of Year Wrap-Up

Hello Beautiful Person!

How are you doing? I hope you are doing well! This year is finally coming to a close. It has been a year full of a lot of things. Things that are/were both the same for everyone, and things that each of us individually had to work through. I would like to believe this year was a year of growth for everyone in and around the world. I would like to take this time to do an end of the year wrap up. I am trying to figure out how I will plan to do my Thanksgiving trip video, because I have not made it yet. Plus, I am not sure what content I want to put into it because I have a lot. Haha! So bear with me on that! It should be coming.

This year I feel like I learned a lot and grew some too! I believe that this year has been a year of stepping outside of my comfort zone and really paying attention to not just things around me, but things within me as well. Some parts of this year were definitely tough and felt long, but it all passed by relatively quickly. There are things that came out of this year that I do feel particularly proud of.

I am proud of myself for really trying to go out on a limb and experiment with career options other than teaching. I am proud that I decided to take a leap of faith and have embarked on a journey to see where Health Coaching may take me. I am proud that I got a job earlier this spring and last fall that helped teach me a lot. Getting to spend time with family during these hard times is something I am proud of too! Experimenting with different types of content has been fun for me and something I am proud of for sure! But, most importantly, I am proud of all of us for sticking through this hard time and not giving up.

Twenty-twenty may be coming to a close, but we will keep fighting and won't give up until everything becomes as it should. I hope you don't give up and cherish the ones you love! Hug them a little tighter and hold them a little closer than you may have done before. We don't know what our timeline looks like, so making every moment count as best we can is super important. Thank you for your continued support and sticking along with me on this crazy ride! I will see you again in another post real soon! Until next time!

Best wishes and lots of love,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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