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Exciting Things Are Happening!

Hello lovely person!

Long time no see, huh? Or, at least it feels that way. This year has been so strange. It has been a real test for all of us, hasn't it? At least in one way or another. Clearly, that is not a very happy subject for any of us, and based on the title of this post, it certainly is not our focus for today's blog post. I have some exciting things I wanted to talk about and update you on regarding my class.

The first thing I thought might be fun to celebrate is the fact that as of this week, I am officially halfway through my health coaching course! That is so crazy and so exciting! It is passing by so quickly! I have truly been enjoying every minute of it! Not only does this week mark my halfway mark, but I now have access to my Health Coaching website! By the time you are seeing this, it should be Sunday, October 25th. I am writing this post on Thursday, October 22nd. I have been editing my health coaching website this week since I gained access to it. Hopefully, soon I will feel ready to share it with all of you! I should receive my Mid-way Certificate in about two to three weeks I believe. Once I receive that, I can start taking clients if I feel ready to do so! I just ordered business cards today too! Everything is starting to move more and happen! The more that happens the more excited I do start to feel. I am scared too but I think that is natural!

I don't think it would be wrong if I wasn't scared, but I think anything new can be a little scary. Not to mention, the things I have been pursuing have all been things that require me to put myself out there, and that in and of itself can be scary enough on its own. But I am grateful for the ways it is and has helped me grow as a person too! I have always wanted to find a way to be able to help others and be there for others and putting myself out there is kind of required for that to some degree. I cannot wait to share my health coaching website with all of you! I hope all of you have been doing well and continue to do well! Until next time, I love you all!

Best wishes & lots of love,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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