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Followers on Social Media and Our Self-worth

Hello lovely!

How are you doing? I hope you’re doing well! At the time of writing this I have no idea what it will be called. But I do know the topic I want to cover in this post is one that I have thought about covering for a while. It revolves around one of the ways social media can impact us mentally. I want to talk about how society and social media can make us feel when it comes to having “followers” on social media. I hope to come off as clearly, candidly, and authentic in this as possible. So, without further ado lets jump into it!

I think it is interesting how social media can cause us to be super aware of who follows us and who doesn’t follow us on it. Now, I don’t think everyone deals with this, but I know a lot of people probably do deal with this. It is hard to remember sometimes that it doesn’t matter if someone follows us on social media or not. In addition to this, it is also hard to remember sometimes that a follow-on social media doesn’t dictate if you have a bad relationship with someone or your self-worth either. It is to some a form of external validation and one that can become dangerous if not nurtured in a healthy way. I feel as though a lot of people will place their self-worth around if they do have or if they have lost followers on social media. I remember in High School being a little more, maybe, concerned about who did and did not follow me and slowly getting out of that mindset. However, since owning my own business I have noticed a bit of a fall back in that growth. I am more than positive that owning my own business and trying to grow it has had a larger role in this for me personally as of present times. It has not been a significant fall back at all, but I have had moments that if I noticed someone wasn’t following me on my personal account more so than my work/blog one, I would feel a little upset or insecure. When I began noticing this, I became sad because I know my worth is not determined by that. Nor does that represent anything as to how my relationship is with that person(s) outside of social media. I wish more people knew this and could see this. It’s not easy to do sometimes, but it is something that I think people should have a reminder of from time to time. Our worth is not determined by followers, likes, or even comments from others. Our worth is determined by ourselves, and how we feel about ourselves. I also believe you are more susceptible to thought processes like this if your level of self-love is lower than would be ideal. We all want validation and a lot of that does come from outside sources. But if we aren’t careful that can become dangerous to our wellbeing. As social media continues to grow and as people, especially younger individuals, begin to see others relatively close in age growing and amassing large quantities of followers I sincerely hope they know that it’s not everything. That they are worthy of living a life that they love and that it is way more important to remember what’s in front of you outside of social media. On social media most people only share their high lights and not the sadder parts of life. That’s not always true for everyone, but most people are that way. Your self-worth is not determined by followers!

This is a much longer post than what I normally try to go for, but it was something I felt compelled to write about. You are worthy of this life and are loved and valued regardless of the number of followers, likes, and comments you have on social media. Love yourself for who you are and don’t change anything for anyone other than yourself! I love you! Help me spread this message by sharing this if you feel inclined. Let’s work to spread more light and love in this world. Together we can do great things! I love you!

Best wishes and lots of love,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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