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Issues I have Had with Skincare + What I use now

A lot of people deal with having issues with skincare and self care products for one reason or another. Others have no issues and carry on with whichever products they want to use. Pretty much all people, I would assume, from the time they hit puberty learn to wash their face and start being more aware of these types of things. For me personally, my journey and experience with skin care has been interesting. At least in my opinion it has been.

When I began getting into the habit of learning to wash my face regularly I started out using I think it was Olay cleansing wipes, a toner of some sort, and oil free Olay moisturizer. I do not recall having any issues with that. Eventually I went from that to I believe using the Clearisonic cleansing face brush and their face cleanser with the Olay moisturizer. That was fine. I then tried Proactiv, which did work really well for me. I have always been prone to break outs due to hormones, and stress too. But I was especially prone to them, due to having oily skin. Eventually, I was introduced to the option of natural cleansers that did not have harmful ingredients. I used a few different ones. One was a cleansor by a well known brand called Doterra, and then the other was from a brand that no longer exists. Both of those I really liked, and they did not give my skin any issues that I can recall. However, I did start to have issues after a while of only using natural cleansers.

If I tried to use a chemical face wash my face would have a bad reaction. I would get painful bumps and irritation on my face. My face would sometimes itch in addition to the stinging and redness from being irritated. I thought that was interesting when I began noticing it because there was a long time where I never had issues with chemical face washes. When you use natural face washes for a while I think it detoxes your skin of being used to the chemical washes. But, if you have sensitive skin like I do, that also can raise your chances of having issues with different products sometimes. I have tried brands before that label their products as natural or clean and have had issues with some but not all. I had issues with the brand BioClarity. There were a mix of chemical and natural ingredients and the chemical ingredients were enough to make my skin burn and itch for a bit after putting a product on and I think I got bumps from irritation too. I tried a face wash that is known as a "clean ingredient" face wash to see what it was like since its price was a reasonable price. I did not have an issue with it, however, I did not feel like it cleaned my face well enough. I have found other face washes that I do like though.

My stepmom has made me a face wash that works really well with my skin and is made with nourishing ingredients in it. I usually will use that when i have it on hand. I honestly like her face wash a lot. I will need to make it soon, but I need to buy the ingredients first. Haha! It is probably my favorite one that I have used. Another face wash I have really liked and that I am using right now, is Teami Blends face scrub. It is a gentle exfoliating scrub, as well as, a cleanser. I was really surprised when I used it and I did not have issues using it. If you are interested in trying the Teami face scrub, just go to and search for the scrub and at check out use code INSPIRING20 for 10% off of your order. I really like their products, and soon I will do a post on things I like from them. I hope you enjoyed this post. I send all my love to you all! See you in the next post, and keep a watch out for my video I will be releasing in the coming weeks.

Best regards,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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