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Teas I Like!

Hello wonderful person! I hope all is well in your world! If it is not right now, I hope it begins to get better soon! I am writing this during the night. I was going to write this earlier today but I did not get to it then. I wanted to do a post about teas that I like. Just to have something fun and simple go up!

When it comes to teas I like, I am very picky about them. If they taste artificial in some way I typically do not like it. I enjoy the TAZO tea brand. One of my favorites from them is their Chai tea. They are the only brand whose Chai tea even comes close enough to a traditional Indian chai tea in my opinion. I also like their Passion tea. It is very good as well! With these two teas, in particular, I will drink the chai tea hot, and typically, I will drink the passion tea cold. Another tea brand I like a lot I have mentioned before.

I really like the brand Teami Blends. I became an ambassador for them last spring and have loved their products. I have been using their products since the fall of 2018. The teas I specifically like of theirs are their 30 Day Detox, the Butterfly Tea, Teami Relax, Teami Profit, Teami Boost, I think I had their Bloom tea and liked it, Teami Focus, and Teami Refresh. They also have Matcha tea. They have four flavors of Matcha now. When I started using their products they did not have that many flavors. They have a traditional flavored match, mango flavored matcha, chocolate-flavored matcha, and blueberry flavored matcha. I have not had the Blueberry one yet, but I have liked all of the other matcha flavors. They have other products as well, but we are talking about tea specifically in this post. Teami has great quality products in my opinion. I would not sit here and tell you how much I like something if I did not like it. I think they have good products and they've already come out with a few new items. There is a product that should be launching at the end of this month that i can't wait to try! If you are interested in trying any Teami tea or products their website is and when you use code: INSPIRING20 you will receive 10% off of an order of any amount!

Another brand I like, I at the moment cannot think of their name. But the brand that makes Sleepytime tea, I like them. I think the brand is something like Celestial teas or something like that. I also enjoy teas from the Yogi Teas brand.

Those are as many as my brain can come up with at the moment. If I think of any other i will come back and add them into the post. I am really excited because I am about to get a bunch of other superfood powders and products to try and so I can't wait to see what they are like. I will see you guys again soon! I have a video for a #WisdomWednesday that I will try to get up to Youtube and then onto here on the day I plan to do it. I will see you later! Have a great week!

Best regards,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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