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What if our Energy was A Real Currency?

Hello dear reader!

How are you doing on this lovely day? I hope you are doing well! I had a random thought recently and I was wondering "What if our bodies' energy was a real currency?" Weird thought, I know! But I want to dive into it because I think it's interesting! It isn't a thought that I think most of us have regularly. However, I think it is a thought worth pondering. So let's jump into it!

If we look at it and just sit with it. What would that be like if our energy was currency? Some of us are fortunate enough to hear the advice to be careful with how we use our energy, but I don't think many of us remember to take it seriously. Mainly, because we always have a lot going on in our lives. But, seriously, if our bodies' energy was a currency would we then spend our energy more carefully? Would it take seeing our energy in a different and physical form to truly realize how delicate it is? To see just how significant our energy is? I know for some individuals it may be hard to understand this or comprehend it. However, it is a reality. A lot of people are struggling with low energy because they're overworked. Maybe they have a lot on their plates all the time and don't have people who can help relieve them of some of their responsibilities. Maybe they just don't know how to spend their bodies' energy wisely and then figure out how to refuel it. Whatever the reason, all of us really should prioritize being mindful of how we spend our bodies' energy. We need to treat it as if it were a physical currency that we can't afford to lose too much of!

Prioritizing the preservation and the restoration of our bodies' energy doesn't have to be hard, or boring. I think it is something a lot of us should prioritize more. I may try to give more information on ways we can restore and preserve our energy over time! Whether I do that or not, I do think this is a topic that is important in terms of Health & Wellness! So stay tuned for anything around this topic that may come out in the future as I gather ideas. I love you all and I will see you again soon! Let me know what your thoughts on this concept are! Also, let me know if there's anything specific around this topic you'd want to know more about! Sending love and hugs to all!

Best wishes,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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