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What is to Come of This Website and its Social Medias?

Hello dear reader!

I am sure if you saw my last post, "Exciting Things Are Happening!" You are probably curious about what is to come of my current blog. I wanted to make this post to address what I am thinking about for the future of this blog. Also, I wanted to talk about what may happen with my social media accounts that are associated with it as well. Especially since I just announced I just got my health coaching website.

I am not sure exactly what will happen with this site. My plan, as of right now, is to keep this website and have my health coaching site too. I will keep this site for more of the themed topics that I choose randomly and for my occasional vlogs and so on. Now, I have access to my health coaching site for free for one year. After that first year passes, I will either keep my health coach site separate, or I will see if I cannot find a way to merge my health coaching contents and such onto either a new site through Wix, or onto this current site in its own topic handle and so on. Whether all of this will happen or not is in the air still. I also would like to touch on my blog's social media.

As all of you may or may not know, I have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest account all in some way associated and connected with this blog. I am undecided on if I will make separate social media accounts to accompany my Health Coaching website or not. My gut instinct is to find a way to merge my health coaching into the social media accounts I already possess that are associated with this blog. I feel that makes more sense and won't be as overwhelming from a management perspective. If any of you have any recommendations or preferences, I am open to any feedback you may have.

When I release my health coaching website, you will notice the name I chose is almost identical to this blog. The reason I did that was in preparation for the possibility of me combining my health coaching into my blog site. Besides, it also made sense because I have essentially built a following around the name The Inspiring Hummingbird. I would love feedback from you once I release my health coaching website for all of you to see! Until then, I hope all of you are well, and I will see you again soon!

Best wishes & lots of love,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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