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Why Teaching to Health Coaching?

Hello beautiful person!

I am sure that after seeing my previous post, "Chasing A New Career Opportunity?", you are probably curious as to why all of a sudden I have switched my career focus. It is a long story in some regard, but I will do my best to try and shorten it for this post and other reasons as well. It is certainly not something I had planned.

Last fall, I was doing classes at UVU to become a preschool or kindergarten teacher's aide. During one of my courses, I observed a special education department for an assignment for that course. While conducting my observation the teacher whom I was observing mentioned that the school had some job openings in the preschool. At the time, I was kind of wanting to look for a job and figured if I could grab this one it would be a great experience that I wouldn't otherwise receive until after obtaining my certificate. I thanked this teacher for telling me about it and I went and applied for the position. After some waiting, I ended up getting the job!

After getting the job, I worked from November through half of March and then COVID hit. So I was with this school for a decent amount of time. I would first like to say I did gain great hands-on experience and did learn a lot from pursuing and taking on this opportunity. I am very grateful for the experience and all that I learned from it, as well as, the opportunity I was given. As I was learning and growing from this new experience and opportunity I was having some hard realizations.

When I decided to say yes to working in the school, I knew there was a lot I was going to learn. Before this, I had never worked much with preschool-aged children. So, that alone was going to be a new realm. I have a nephew, so I knew the behavior of these kids, but it is very overwhelming when you've got close to 30 of them. Even split into groups. I love all the kids I worked with. All of them taught me things and made me realize things I may have forgotten that I already knew. However, I was struggling while working here. For numerous reasons, many of which I won't address here. But, one, in particular, was my feet. It was extremely difficult to do this job with the issues I have. At the beginning of me getting the job, I was toughing it out, and trying my best to not complain about it to anyone, because I don't like to be that person. But, quite frankly, there were many days where I would get home after work and almost cry taking my shoes off and I would have to drag my feet to get myself to walk because they hurt so bad. My mom convinced me to contact my foot doctor to get some pain medicine and so throughout the duration of the time I was working I was taking medication to get myself through the physical pain I was having. But, when you have an issue like this and many other components, it makes you have to re-evaluate the type of career you should have or that you may want. Because it's important to always do what is best for you.

I was beginning to try and look into things that I may enjoy or find interesting, which could also be doable from just about anywhere, but that also most importantly might be something I will like. So, eventually, I stumbled across the path of health coaching. I, after long hard thinking, decided to give it a shot. "I want my life to be filled with oh wells instead of what-ifs." That is a quote from a content creator I followed who passed away on his birthday this year and it is a statement I agree with wholeheartedly. So, instead of wondering what if I did this, I just decided to say let's give it a shot and see where it goes. If it works out, great! If not, then oh well.

So, there you have it, that is a sort of long story short. I am hopeful this new path is one that can work out for me. I can't wait for you to come on this journey with me! If you'd like to help me out with practicing doing Health Histories, reach out to me through my contact me page here on the blog, or if you have my number shoot me a text or call me. I would love to practice with you and possibly start building a group of people who may be interested in using me and my health coaching skills once I am at a place where I can begin taking on clients.

I will see you again really soon! I hope you have a great week this week!

Best regards and lots of love,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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