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Writing Frustrations, Vlogs, Updates, and Where I’m off to next!

I’m starting to write this at a very late time in the evening. It is 12:17am, the official start of the day of Wednesday, July 17th. Without further or due, let's start to dive into the post!

As most of you know I have been writing “Differences Awareness Posts.” Off and on in recent time, in the last few months at least. I have been feeling a little discouraged writing them. In response to the feeling of being discouraged I then have begun to have a lack of motivation to write them. While they are something I feel very passionate about and are something I feel are very important, they have not gotten as much “success” if you will. I am uncertain of if this is due to the algorithm of social sites now, or if it is simply due to a lack of interest from others. On average, my differences posts have gotten about 13 views. Which isn’t bad, but it certainly isn’t what I would hope for. If you find them useful, or have any critiques for me to be able to improve them please let me know! I will add that, I am working on trying to make certain posts such as those less long, and a little more to the point. Next, I will make a note of this whenever I post the next one, but please, if you feel so kindly inclined please share them with people you know and love! I want to help make this world a better place by making and sharing posts here. I want it to be a safe place for people to be able to be open minded to different topics. Now, how about videos?

My June vlog videos should be up soon, if not before this post. I have actually had so much fun making these for you guys! Keep staying tuned for July's and August's videos! If you’d like me to do these periodically through the rest of the year let me know. Now, how about a location and life update?!

Yay! We all love hearing updates on the occasion! Currently, it is day two of being back in Utah from getting back to town Sunday night when we left Montana. I, and we, had a great trip to Montana. I didn’t film as much as I wanted to while there, but I was a little too busy enjoying a wonderful two-week social and technology detox. It felt so wonderful stepping away from my phone so much. I barely went on my computer too! By the time you see this post I will be getting ready to/making my trek through the airport to go down to Texas. I’ll be in Texas from July 21st through July 31st. On the 31st i will be going to Oklahoma and will be there from July 31st through August 10th. So some more trips still yet to come. My feet have been struggling but mostly just the “new normal” if you will. I will be going to the foot doctor Friday for my second check up on my break. Hopefully it will be healed! Hopefully. . . Whatever happens, happens. (Update: my break is all healed!!!) I did some work for mom today, and I am starting to think about more things I would like to do to try and customize my room. We will see what happens with that. In August, once I am back, I think my mom and I are going to try out Pilates for the first time so that will be interesting. I also intend to try and make homemade shampoo so I’ll be sure to film and write about that. If not film, for sure write about it! I don’t have many other new updates I don’t think. But, for now this is the current update. Stay tuned for new videos and for other things yet to come! Love all of you! You are so valued and important! See you again shortly!

Best Regards,

The Inspiring Hummingbird!

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